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Myra y Ben

Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.

- Voltaire

Day 32 Heroes: Myra and Ben

When I first got to DC two + years ago, I worked an interim job while I got myself grounded here. I had no idea that job would lead me to meet two of the best people in the DMV. I worked directly with Myra, and her boyfriend, Ben, worked across the street. What started as eating lunch together sometimes turned into eating lunch together every day, taking trips to Asheville, attending (REALLY LATE) game nights, suffering through Orange Theory, and yes, convincing them that running races is super fun. As I've started to (re)learn Spanish this year, I've also had the bonus of practicing the language with two native speakers. Honestly, there's not much that Ben and Myra can't do, or won't try at least once, and what's best about them is that whatever

they are doing with you, they will do with a huge smile on their face. Every day I learn from Myra - how to be kinder, how to do a pushup, how to be an excellent friend. And talk about two amazing cheerleaders - they are both always there to remind me that I'm strong, I'm resilient, and encourage me in whatever endeavor I have gotten myself into this time (aka - marathon training, again...). I've never met two people who have such enduring and authentic love in their hearts and a willingness to share that love with those they care about. I am reminded every day how every tiny decision we make, as weird or off-track as it may seem, always has a higher purpose. My first DMV job wasn't my calling vocationally, but I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't taken it because that would mean I'd be without Myra and Ben in my life. And that's no life to live at all.

Los amo a los dos para siempre.

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